Freevale True To My Heart 'A' (0,3) 'Z' (0,0)

Sire:  Aust Ch Zamb vd Sandsteinkuste BSCL1 (imp.Gmy)  DAM: Aust. Ch. Freevale Cross Your Heart

DOB:  14/5/2011  -  RIP MY LITTLE SHADOW:  18/5/2012 1:20pm.

This is Tabu, she only came into my life in December 2011 when Caryl & Matt Morris allowed her to come to Queensland but what an impact she made.  Within a couple of days Tabu decided I was her sole mate.  You know the saying "When I say Jump, you say how high?", well that is the relationship Tabu and I had.  Tabu definitely lived up to her registered name and she certainly was true to my heart.  She will be very sadly missed and will never be forgotten.  My apologies to Matt and Caryl for not being able to save this precious little girl.

More on Tabu can be viewed on the Masterton website.

.Run free my precious little shadow. 






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