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Information for new puppy buyers regarding Hip & Elbow x-rays.

Each animal used for breeding at LaGuardia Kennels has been x-rayed and possesses the A Z stamp issued by the German Shepherd Dog Council of Australia.

What this means is that the mother and the father of the puppies are x-rayed and are clear of any hip or ellbow dysplasia.  This would have taken place after they reached the age of 12 months.

NO BABY PUPPY has been x-rayed as this cannot occur until after 12 months of age.  When you purchase your puppy you will be given a booklet that has a copy of the parents hip/elbow status.

All puppies come with the following:::
Vet checked and 1st vaccination
Wormed since two weeks of age
Puppy Food
Plenty of Reading Material
Registered with the Canine Control Council of Qld.

Laguardia L Litter_Ozzy_Yeska - DOB 27/4/09

3 male and 6 female puppies. ALL PUPPIES HAVE GONE TO THEIR NEW HOMES. 





Laguardia K Litter_Ozzy_Maddie - DOB 10/2/09

1 male and 1 female puppy. BOTH PUPPIES HAVE GONE TO THEIR NEW HOMES.





Laguardia J Litter_Ozzy_Diaz - DOB 16/1/09

4 male and 6 female puppies. ALL PUPPIES HAVE GONE TO THEIR NEW HOMES.


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